Persian Live Music Fort Lauderdale

Take your taste buds on a journey at Kababi Cafe By Kuluck in Sunrise, Florida. Specializing in Persian cuisine, Persian Live Music Fort Lauderdale, our Persian restaurant features gourmet food in a distinctive setting. From our full bar to our selection of hookah, our cafe offers a variety of features you won’t find anywhere else. Our restaurant hosts an open floor plan, making it the perfect atmosphere for your casual family dinner or dressy first date.

Persian Live Music Fort Lauderdale


Kobideh Per Skewer $5
Chicken Per Skewer $9
Chicken On The Bone $9
Barg & Shish Kabob Per Skewer $17
Vegetable Kabob Per Skewer $9
Grill Tomato $1


Ghaymeh Full Pan $180
Ghormeh Sabzi Full Pan $180
Fesenjun Full Pan $180
Fesenjun Vegetarian Full Pan $145
Khoreshteh Bademjan Full Pan $180
Ghaymeh Vegetarian Full Pan $145


Eggplant Dip Full Pan $145
Masto Khiar Full Pan $60
Masto Mosir Full Pan $75
Hummus Full Pan $65
Borani Full Pan $65
Olevieh Salad Full Pan $90
Falafel Each $75
Dolmeh Each $50
Sabzi Khordan Full Pan $45
Shirazi Salad $65


White Rice Full pan $40
Baghali polo Full pan $70
Addas polo Full pan $70
Zereshk polo Full pan $70
Albalo polo Full pan $70
Sabzi Polo $70
Lubia Polo with Meat Full Pan $90
Lubia Polo NO Meat Full Pan $70
*Take $15.00 off for 1/2  Pan *


Sangak Full $6   Each
Lavash Bread $10   6/Bag


Persian Ice Cream
One Pint Saffron $12
Sandwich $4
One Pint Faloodeh $12
Full Rollet $36
Napolian $36
Delivery $2.00 Per Miles
  • Full Pan Feeds 1-16 People
Persian Live Music Fort Lauderdale
Persian Events Fort Lauderdale

Persian Live Music Fort Lauderdale LUNCH BUFFET HOURS:

11:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.
for $11.95

Saturday & Sunday,
1:00pm To 4:00pm
for $16.00

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